ATracker - Manage your time, beautifully

ATracker provides valuable insight into how you spend your time, empowering you to achieve your goals, build lasting habits, and boost your productivity to a new height.

Easy and Powerful

Creating tasks takes just seconds. Then, you can track the time spent on each task with a tap.

Additionally, advanced settings allow you to add tags and goals to each task. It enables you to track aggregated time spent on a group of tasks, show progress towards your goals, and even track other parameters like how many glasses of water you drank or how many books you read.


Keep track of your time

ATracker stores all your logs and presents them in both list and calendar views. You can update your entries or log time later as well.

ATracker also generates beautiful pie charts, bar charts, and goal progress reports to help you gain insights into how you're spending your time and how you're progressing towards achieving your goals.

You can share these reports with your friends via social media or export data in CSV format.

Key Features

Just one tap

Start and stop a task with just one touch.

Time spending history

Task entries can be viewed in either list or calendar views.


Create reports in pie charts and bar charts. Supports data export to CSV files.

Easy to set up

Easy to set up with many advanced options.


Set daily and weekly goals based on task and tag, including numeric and drop-down tags.

Goal reports

Track the progress of your goals in various views and reports.

Widget & Watch

Start/stop a task without unlocking your iPhone or iPad (iOS only).

UI customization

Numerous backgrounds, styles, and hundreds of icons to choose from.

Dark mode

ATracker supports independent and system-wide dark mode settings.

Two-way calendar sync

Save task entries as calendar events or convert calendar events into task entries.

Access from any device

Track your time on mobiles, tablets, Apple Watches, or computers.

Dashboard in web version

Combine pages (e.g., Home page, history, and reports) as you wish in dashboards.





  • Free to use with restrictions

One time cost
$ 4 .99 iOS

$ 2 .99 Android

  • Unlimited tasks

  • Advanced settings

  • Data export

  • Skin support

  • No Ads

$ 2 .99 / month

$ 26 .99 / year

  • Unlimited advanced tags

  • Unlimited active goals

  • Data sync with ATracker on iOS / Android / Web

  • * Must have either upgraded ATracker or ATracker PRO (iOS)

  • ** Subscription is managed on iOS/Android device

Compare Pricing Packages

ATracker Pro (Android) Pro (iOS) Premium
Main functions
Unlimited tasks
Data export
Skin support
Advanced settings
Note on task entry
No Ads
Apple watch iOS iOS
Dropbox sync iOS
Web app
Web sync
Unlimited advanced tags
Unlimited active goals

The above prices do not include applicable taxes based on your billing address.

Download ATracker

Life is precious and so is your time.

One tap to start / stop time tracking, with minimal configuration. Fully customisable user interface. It's a fresh way to organise your day… within a few taps.

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